Oyanagi Inn in Yutagami Hot Springs Resort, Niigata Prefecture

The Oyanagi Inn stands on a small hill, commanding a view of the extensive Echigo Plain. Enjoy the birds chirping and the expressive natural scenery of the four seasons. Seasonal delicacies and our hot spring will help you enjoy your travels even more.

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Niigata is 2 hours from Tokyo

The Oyanagi Inn is located in Tagami-machi (Niigata Prefecture); we are blessed with the vivid changes of the four seasons with mountain and marine products.
It is about 2 hours by the direct bullet train from Tokyo to Niigata.


Niigata is 2 hours from Tokyo

Food, nature and culture

Niigata has many attractions.
First is food. The many delicious ingredients include fresh marine products, edible wild plants in spring, mushrooms in autumn and Koshihikari rice.
Second is nature as we enjoy the beauty of the nearby sea and mountains. The winter snows also bring magnificent winter scenery.
Third are the historic buildings and souvenirs specific to Niigata with our vibrant culture and thriving agriculture and industry.

Food, nature and cultureFood, nature and cultureFood, nature and culture

The Oyanagi Inn is…

The Oyanagi Inn is…

The Oyanagi Inn stands on a small hill in the extensive Echigo Plain.
You can soak yourself in our hot spring, viewing the beautiful scenery. Our Japanese cuisine is also popular with many Niigata ingredients.
You can fully savor Japanese hospitality.

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