Oyanagi Inn in Yutagami Hot Springs Resort, Niigata Prefecture

The Oyanagi Inn stands on a small hill, commanding a view of the extensive Echigo Plain. Enjoy the birds chirping and the expressive natural scenery of the four seasons. Seasonal delicacies and our hot spring will help you enjoy your travels even more.

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Our pure Japanese straw mat guestroom
You can feel Japanese culture.
Spend your time in this room
and enjoy the sunlight
that floods through the window.

【Guestroom information:】
Capacity: 2-10 guests
We have rooms with beds and private bathrooms.
Please inquire via the reservation site.



Niigata is a popular spot in Japan due to the variety of delicious ingredients.
Help yourself to our banquet cuisine using seasonal ingredients produced in Niigata.
We also have delicious Japanese sake.


The dish order:

Please start eating the appetizer first. Then our waitresses serve the dishes in order. Relax and enjoy.
Our motto is “Hot food while hot, cold food while cold.”

Hotel Oyanagi dishes

Hotel Oyanagi dishes

Our menu makes the best use of the ingredients themselves; we seriously consider simplicity and taste.
Our dishes are not overly fashionable; we prepare them according to our menu centering on balance and seasonal taste. Our cooks especially emphasize the appetizers for their appearance and taste as they are to be eaten first.
Our ideas highlighting ingredients and dishes full of the seasons are favorably known in Japan.

We make sweets effectively using local fruits throughout the year. We think we are the only hotel that grows vegetables for our kitchen.
Yuyago, a room for dinner parties, was remodeled when we had our 100th anniversary. With an open kitchen, you can watch our cooking.
This makes you enjoy your meal even more.

Rice we serve:

Rice we serve:

We use Koshihikari rice produced in Niigata.
The rice grown with care on Kariya Farm in Shitada District, Sanjo City is exceptional due to its sweet taste and the remaining flavor left in the mouth.

As you are in Niigata,
we would like you to enjoy delicious rice.

That’s what’s on our mind when we serve our dishes.

Sake of Niigata

Sake of Niigata

Rice country Niigata is also sake country Niigata.
Niigata’s sake made from delicious rice and good water
and nurtured in abundant nature is the best sake in Japan.

We procure delicious and seasonal local sake such as Kubota and Hakkaisan from inside the prefecture to offer to our customers.

Enjoy Japanese sake!

Other food we take pride in:

High-quality Western pears grown in Niigata Prefecture: Le Lectier
High-quality Western pears grown in Niigata Prefecture:
Le Lectier
Tagami plum: Koshino Ume
Tagami plum:
Koshino Ume
Secret specialty of Tagami:Bamboo shoots
Secret specialty of Tagami:
Bamboo shoots

Hot spring

Since our large bath is at the top of our hotel, on the 6th floor,
you can see a superb view from there.
Enjoy the seasonal views of Tagami Town while bathing.
Take your time, relax and enjoy the bath.

Seasonal scenery viewed
      from the top floor

  • A large bath for women
  • Fine view from the open-air bath for women
  • Hot spring
Origin of Yutagami Hot Springs

Origin of Yutagami Hot Springs

Yutagami Hot Springs water springs out at the foot of Mt. Goma-do that overlooks the Echigo Plain. Mt. Goma-do was once called Mt. Mitsui and prospered as a focal point for worship, having a temple that had space for up to 72 monks to live there.

Mt. Mitsui changed its name to Mt. Goma-do when a monk trainee (Kobo Daishi according to one theory) burned wood on this mountain. The monk trainees used a hot spring to heal themselves after training, which was the start of Yutagami Hot Springs.
Later in the period when warriors reigned, Mt. Goma-do was used as a fortress or castle because it was suitable for military purposes, leaving many legends and accounts.
Although the start of Yutagami Hot Springs has faded in history, an account in existing archives describes it as a spa in the Shibata Domain in 1738. Also, the name is included in a list of hot springs of Japan issued in 1891 together with some 100 or so other hot springs.

Due to the potent effects, locals know the hot springs as healing water. It was believed that if you bathe here on the day of the ox in midsummer, you would be able to spend the next year in sound health.

Effects from drinking the spring water:

This is one of the few hot springs in Niigata prefecture that is a drinking hot spring.
At present, a source newly excavated in 1998 is used. The spring quality is sodium chloride spring. Drinking it heals diabetes and obesity. You will be healthier by taking in Yutagami’s spring both inside and outside.
Exclusive glasses are prepared.

About bathing:

Please read the guidelines prepared in the dressing room for the bathing method. Follow the steps and enjoy the spa.


Tagami Town is situated in the middle between Nagaoka City and Niigata City. The location is convenient for many people to get to.
A free bus runs from Tagami Station on the Shinetsu Line and a shuttle bus runs every day from Niigata Station. We also pick up groups of 20 people or more for free.
Reservations are needed for both buses. You are always welcome to use our services.

Access mapAccess map

Bus service from Niigata Station:

Heading for Hotel Oyanagi South Exit at Niigata Station (Departure):
Hotel Oyanagi (Arrival):
Heading for Niigata Station
(Next day)
Hotel Oyanagi (Departure):
South Exit at Niigata Station (Arrival):

※Please reserve our bus service at least one day in advance. Bus service is only available with reservations.
※Getting on or off in the middle of the route is not allowed.
※Please understand that the schedule may change slightly due to traffic and weather.
※Our bus may not always be able to provide service. Please ask us for more information when you make your reservation.

Free bus service from Tagami Station:

Our hotel is about a 15-minute walk from Tagami Station. Please inquire via the reservation site beforehand for bus service.

We cannot respond to phone inquiries. Please inquire by e-mail.

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